Debt Collection

EBJ Law handles collection matters ranging from single events to on-going monthly collections for larger creditors. We will accept hourly or contingency fees, depending on the case.  Our clients include banks, lease holders, companies, corporations and individuals.  EBJ Law can help with the following:

  • Demand Letters
  • Summonses and Complaints for Money Damages and/or Repossessions
  • Confessions of Judgment and Settlement Agreements
  • Judgments
  • Filing of Foreign Judgments
  • Executions of Judgments

HOA/POA Representation

EBJ Law also represents homeowner and property associations for the collection of  dues and other disputes. The following are examples of the types of services we provide:

  • Interpretation and enforcement of the governing documents such as the declarations, bylaws and regulations
  • Advising the board of directors on interpretation of by-laws and declarations
  • Disputes between homeowners' associations and homeowners
  • Collections of dues and assessments
  • Filing liens on homeowner's property
  • Foreclosure of property